Tuition Assistance


Prairie Moon Waldorf School is committed to providing assistance to qualified students desiring a Waldorf Education and in need of financial support. Our school is also committed to providing assistance to help create socioeconomic diversity within our community. Funds for tuition assistance are made possible through our operating funds, supported by fundraising. To honor and respect this support from our donors, we expect families to be fully committed and responsible for their child’s reduced tuition fees.

Tuition Reduction awards are made on the basis of financial need, and no full-tuition awards are given. Approximately 50% of our students receive awards.  

Please read all of the information presented here about Tuition Reduction before applying.

Prairie Moon Waldorf School is determined to make a Waldorf education accessible to families from a wide range of economic backgrounds. Among our families are those who can afford tuition at the highest level and whose philanthropic generosity provides a vital component of annual operating expenses. There are also families who manage to pay full tuition only by making substantial sacrifice, those who are able to afford only minimal tuition, and a full spectrum in between. Tuition Reduction is awarded to a family based on relative financial need among the Tuition Reduction applicants and the available assistance budget. A limited amount of tuition assistance is available. 

It is also understood that circumstances such as loss of employment may impact a family’s financial means dramatically from one year to the next. At Prairie Moon Waldorf School, we understand that change is a part of life and that continuity of your child’s educational environment is critically important during times when other factors may put unusual stress on parents and guardians.

In addition to Tuition Reduction for families that qualify, we also offer a monthly payment plan for all of our families.

Procedure for Applying for Tuition Reduction

A note to new families: the school must receive an Application for Admission complete with the application fee of $50 before an application for Tuition Reduction can be submitted and reviewed. Applicants are required to re-qualify annually, even if you already receive a reduction in your tuition in the current school year or past years.

In the Application for Admission, there is a box to check to apply for Tuition Reduction. Once the completed Application for Admission has been received, with the indication of interest in applying for tuition reduction, the family will receive a link to the school's online tuition assistance application. Prairie Moon Waldorf School uses a third party tuition management company to gather information submitted by families about their financial situation. The school’s Finance Committee oversees the final decision-making and will send an award letter to each family seeking assistance stating what, if any, tuition reduction the family will be granted.

All financial information submitted as a part of the process is held in strict confidence by the school’s Finance Committee and tuition management company.

Tuition reduction grants are not in any way subsidized by the tuition management company, or any other third-party organization or government entity. Tuition reductions can only be made possible through the community’s fundraising efforts each year. All community members are expected to participate in at least one fundraising activity each year to help support the socioeconomic health and sustainability of the school. 

Percentages of Reduction Available for Qualifying Families

Tuition reduction in our Early Childhood program is available on a limited basis for families that qualify. For the 2019-2020 school year, up to 20% of the regular tuition can be waived for children in the preschool/kindergarten program. This amount is subject to change each school year.

Any family who requests tuition reduction for a student in the Grades classes may be eligible for a maximum of 40% reduction off of the regular full tuition for the 2019-2020 school year. These reductions are based on verified family financial data submitted as well as any additional financial data requested by the Finance Committee. Final approval must be given by the Finance Committee and/or Board of Trustees. These amounts are subject to change each school year.

Each year the school raises the annual tuition to help fund cost of living raises, additional curriculum offered within the school, and overall growth. Families qualifying for tuition reduction at the same rate as in the previous year are expected to increase their tuition payments at least commensurate with the tuition raise.

If tuition reduction is being sought after September 1st in the academic year, the applicant will need to submit the tax returns for the previous calendar year, as well as submitting to the Finance Committee documentation of their last three months’ income (pay stubs, etc.). Both parents are expected to participate in the application process, even if parents maintain separate households.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.