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Sweet Peas Garden Class

Sweet Peas Garden gives parents an opportunity to relax from their busy week and feel the support of the class as they learn how to navigate the first three years of life through a Waldorf approach all while making a simple toy for their child. 

Children develop into fully-formed people within a social context – their family, their friends, their community, even the world at large. In our Parent-Child programs we emphasize striving to understand and meet the development of our young children while we grow together as a community of parents. 


Work, play, story and song help to weave us closer together over the course of each 6-week session for parents, grandparents or other caregivers with youngsters birth to 3 years old. Readings and conversations about child development, learning, health, Waldorf education and community help us to recognize the smaller and larger themes at work in our daily life with children. 


Together, we learn how to observe and assess your child’s needs at different developmental stages and find ways to support your child’s natural growth. This structured program includes free play, circle time, songs and poems and a puppet play. We also prepare and share a wholesome snack. In this way, teacher and parents work together to provide a model of what community means for these young, budding children.

Joyful gathering for you and your child.



Our next session begins TBD!

  • Tuesdays

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