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Position Description
The first grade teacher assistant will take over for the first grade lead teacher in the afternoon. In the afternoon, the assistant teacher will take the students out to recess, lead rest & read aloud, take the students out for free play, lead a closing circle, and is responsible for handing the children off to their parent or caretaker. The two most important aspects of this position are: (i) holding the class in the same manner as the lead teacher. The assistant should follow the tone, demeanor, voice, and classroom management to give consistency to the children and work cohesively with the lead teacher. (ii.) There should be strong communication between the lead teacher and the assistant teacher.

Overview of Responsibilities
The first grade assistant arrives at school at 12:30pm, during lunch, and helps prepare the classroom for the afternoon. The lead teacher is with the students at lunch. When the assistant is finished preparing the room (drawing the blinds for Rest & Read aloud, setting up the mats for napping, etc.), then the assistant will join the lead teacher out in the lunchroom. The assistant teacher will take the students out to recess at 12:50pm. At 1:20pm, the assistant teacher will bring the students back inside, and they will go into the classroom for Rest & Read Aloud. The assistant teacher must be able to quietly bring the first graders into a dark room and have them lie down on their mats, and rest for the entire time. The assistant teacher will read an appropriate book, determined in collaboration with the first grade teacher, and will read in a way that allows for a peaceful rest for the students (not overly dramatized so as to stir the children up and interfere with their own imagination). Rest & Read Aloud ends at 2:10. After Rest & Read Aloud, the assistant teacher will lead the children in putting away their nap materials and prepare them for Free Play. Free Play will preferably be outside, but if it is inside the children may choose to draw and color and choose from a variety of Waldorf appropriate toys and activities. Finally, the assistant teacher will lead the children into a final circle of the day, where they will have a couple of closing songs or verses. After the closing circle, the assistant will prepare the children to go home for the day, and is responsible to hand off each child to the parent or caretaker.

Hours: 12:30pm until 3:35pm, Monday through Thursday.

Pay: Hourly, commensurate with experience.

Prairie Moon Waldorf School does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnic background in the admission of students or the hiring of personnel.

To Apply
Please send cover letter, resume, PMWS application and three references to:

Prairie Moon Waldorf School
Attn: Search Committee
1853 E. 1600 Road
Lawrence, KS 66044

Applications are welcome until the position is filled.

Electronic applications may be sent to info@prairiemoon.org.


Prairie Moon Waldorf School is in search of an assistant teacher for a new Mixed-age Kindergarten class. Our Early Childhood program currently consists of a Mixed-age Kindergarten (3 - 6yrs), and a young 3-4’s class. Our waiting list has grown such that we will open a third classroom. We are looking for an experienced teacher with some college level coursework and/or a Waldorf Early Childhood training certificate, or willingness to develop a plan for study of Waldorf early childhood pedagogy.

Job Hours
Contact hours with children:
• Daily when school is in session, 7 hours (7:30 - 3:30) M-F with a one-hour lunch

Collaboration (non-contact time with children):
• 2.5-5 hours per week with other Early Childhood (EC) faculty and/or whole school faculty.

Salaried position based on experience in early childhood programs, Waldorf schools, and Waldorf training. Benefits include tuition remission commensurate with percent of full-time employment.

Required Qualifications

  • A minimum of an Associate’s Degree.
  • At least 6 months experience working with children in a licensed early childhood setting.
  • Lead teacher certification, as required by the KS Department of Health and Environment, per our childcare license. Inquire for more details to learn how you can fulfill this requirement.
  • An openness to the anthroposophical philosophy surrounding child development and education.
  • An ability to lift the weight of a child, up to 50 pounds, when required.
  • A team player who loves working with children, has a sense of inner calm, and is able to take initiative to facilitate the smooth running of the EC classroom.
  • Willingness to undertake ongoing professional development in collaboration with the EC faculty.

Preferred Qualifications

  • An A.B. or B.S. in early childhood education
  • A commitment to the study of anthroposophy.
  • Experience teaching in a Waldorf, Lifeways, or Sophia’s Hearth program.
  • Training in Waldorf early-childhood pedagogy through an approved AWSNA or WECAN program, a Lifeways or Sophia’s Hearth program.
  • Experience working in a Waldorf early-childhood program.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Reliable and punctual for all aspects of the job.
  • Maintain confidentiality and hold sensitive information with discretion.
  • Assist classroom teacher with mealtime preparations and activities (i.e., coloring, painting, beeswax, bread kneading, crafts, gardening, etc.), allowing for child participation.
  • Assist classroom teacher with transitions and other activities of the day including mealtimes, clean-up, rest, circle, story, outside time, bathroom time, and naptime.
  • Pass along parent questions and child observations to classroom teacher.
  • Assume responsibilities of the lead teacher, in lead teacher’s absence.
  • Help to keep the classroom clean and neat.
  • Assist with classroom management in consultation with, and as directed by lead teacher
  • Adhere to the code of conduct outlined in the document “Professional Expectations for Faculty and Staff”.
  • As a condition of employment, the employee agrees to follow rules, regulations, and policies that have been adopted by the Board of Trustees for the Waldorf Association of Lawrence dba Prairie Moon Waldorf School.

Please send cover letter, resume, PMWS application and three references to:

Prairie Moon Waldorf School
Attn: Early Childhood Search Committee
1853 E. 1600 Road
Lawrence, KS 66044


Applications are welcome until the position is filled.

See below for application instructions.


Please send cover letter, resume, an Employment Application, and three references to:

Prairie Moon Waldorf School
Attn: Search Committee
1853 E 1600 Rd
Lawrence, KS 66044


About Lawrence, Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas is an ideal home to a Waldorf school. Home to the University of Kansas, Haskell Indian Nations University and being near cosmopolitan Kansas City, Lawrence provides a rich, international and multi-cultural life to its residents and visitors with the added benefit of a low cost of living. It has been said that Lawrence is America’s largest city without a shopping mall—a statement that reflects a strong commitment to local businesses and pride in the community’s historic downtown. Several years ago author John Villani identified Lawrence as among the top fifteen best art towns under a population of 100,000, and Lawrence has long been a music center. Several years ago, Lawrence was also identified as one of the top 10 locations to retire. Kansas University has created new centers for biological research, medicine, engineering and technology. The university’s school of education is renowned, with its program in Special Education consistently being ranked first in the nation. Lawrence, Kansas is a growing Waldorf community. Prairie Moon Waldorf School is Kansas’ only Waldorf school and sits on a beautiful 7.5 acres of prairie land in the Kaw River Valley only minutes from downtown Lawrence. Nearby, a Waldorf initiative in Kansas City has planted its seeds. Our school’s first grade teacher will come to a small, but growing Anthroposophical community and will have the opportunity to be a pioneer of Waldorf education in the Heartland.


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Prairie Moon Waldorf School is non-sectarian and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or national and ethnic origin in its educational, administrative, admission, athletic, and school programs and policies.