Early Childhood Preschool through Kindergarten


Contact: Megan Corcoran, Enrollment Team | 785-841-8800

Acceptance into Prairie Moon Waldorf School’s Early Childhood Program is based on the school's ability to meet children's needs, as well as on factors such as age ratios. PMWS welcomes families in which the parents will be partners in providing an environment that supports the understanding of child development reflected in Waldorf education. Learn more about how Waldorf education can benefit your child by attending an Open House or arranging for a private tour with a member of the Enrollment Team. 


The Waldorf early childhood program fosters the development of the whole child—physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, and nurtures the beginning of a life-long love of learning. Early childhood is a period of magical discovery—learning movement, play, friendship and love. The child begins to flourish independently, developing rhythms and discovering the beauty of language.

The program provides a healthy environment that nourishes the senses through imaginative play, artistic activity, simple crafts, language, verse, song, puppetry, and storytelling. The early childhood teacher’s goal is to create a harmonious environment that is nurturing, ordered, and beautiful and to provide a comfortable transition from home life to school life. Play is the work of childhood. 

Taught by Waldorf teachers specifically trained in Waldorf and Lifeways early childhood education, our programs nurture and protect the young child’s sense of wonder and imagination. 

Our mixed-aged classrooms are made up of three through six year olds. 


Features of our program:

  • A homelike environment that is carefully prepared for the developmental needs of the young child. Warm and inviting, hand crafted toys made of natural materials, encourage children to create, imagine and wonder.

  • Belief that imitation of the beautiful, meaningful, and true enables the child to go forward in life with a sense of initiative and purpose.

  • The conscious preservation of the child’s sense of wonder and imagination.

  • Children experience a balanced rhythm that inspires both inward reflection and outward action.

  • Whole foods and grains are provided at snack times. Parents provide their child's lunch.

  • Such activities as watercolor painting, modeling with beeswax, coloring and finger knitting help children develop fine motor skills, coordination, and the ability to concentrate.

  • Each child’s innate capacity for wonder, reverence, and awe is nurtured and strengthened by the preparation for and celebration of the seasonal festivals.

  • Counting games and rhythmic activities build a solid foundation for arithmetic and number skills taught later in the grades program.

  • A rural setting on 6 1/2 acres of woods and meadows that allows for expansive play outside and gardening as part of the daily and weekly routines.

  • A homelike environment enables the child to comfortably flow between social and individual activities.

  • Structured group activities and free imaginative play are balanced.

  • Songs, nursery rhymes, poems, games, fairytales, puppets, and plays cultivate familiarity with language, strengthen the memory, imagination, and listening skills while building the foundation for literacy.

  • Circle time, snack time, and story time teach the children to cooperate with a group and follow the leadership of the teacher.


Submit an Application for Admissions with a non-refundable $50 application fee to Prairie Moon Waldorf School.

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