Music is an essential part of the curriculum and permeates the school day from preschool through eighth grade. Music not only enlivens the spirit but also increases a child's capacity for learning. Through the study of music, we learn to sensitize our hearing, allowing us to better listen to the sounds of the world and each other.

Children are steeped in music and song from the earliest years at Prairie Moon Waldorf School. Songs punctuate stories in early childhood and often accompany the baking of the daily snack or mark daily transitions. Each of the wonderful seasonal festivals is accompanied by music, and the children join their teacher in song throughout the year.

Songs, rhythmic activities, and the introduction of the pentatonic flute are all a part of the elementary years. The children learn to play their flutes by ear, carefully listening and watching their teachers, and growing accustomed to the sound of music, which supports their capacity for concentration. In the 4th grade, students are introduced to stringed instruments such as violin. 

In Middle School, students grow familiar with musical notation, develop their skills in choral music and a variety of recorders.