Wintergarden Spiral

The Wintergarden Spiral, a kindergarten and grades festival, is one of light, movement, and symbolic change. A spiral of greens or ribbons of cloth is laid out on the floor. Each child in turn takes a candle into the center of that spiral and lights it, then places the candle in an apple along the path. The lights brighten the path for those who came after. Each child walks alone, at his or her own pace, in his or her own way. 
This is a celebration of quiet confidence, of carrying light in darkness, of sharing that light with others. This passage reflects winter's dark growing to a close and the renewed promise that spring light and life will begin again.
You are invited to attend this festival, not only to watch your own children, but to watch how they are in the community of their peers. How does each child approach the candle at the center of the spiral? Are his footsteps halting or rapid? Does she stop along the way to consider each crystal and shining stone in the path before placing his/her candle near the way out of the spiral, or does he/she set it down right away and hurry on without looking back?
Being a witness to this journey can be a moving experience, adults and children alike carry away from the festival the feelings and meaning they found within it.